Staring At My Bookshelf

I’m moving apartments this week, and the first thing that I’ve started to move are my books.

Last year, when I moved back to Los Angeles, I donated of enough books to fill the library cart twice. It was an effort to trim the fat, and it was largely successful.

But the books that I brought up to my apartment last November only have one way out of my life.

And that’s by reading them.

Unless I truly love a book and I can imagine wanting to read it again, or I want to keep it as part of a series, my books get donated to the library. This rule generally applies to fiction books, as most non-fiction books are worth hanging on to as a reference.

Right now, my personal library is my to-read list. For the rest of the year, the plan is not to buy or borrow any additional books. I have plenty of books that I need to catch up on. And this plan might carry over into 2017 as well.

There are plenty of books that need reading, that are waiting for me on my shelf.

And it feels good to read them, and not have their spines staring at me, letting me know that I have to read them.

Currently I’m reading The Shadow Rising by Robert Jordan. Some titles that are waiting for me are:

Heretics of Dune
Chapterhouse: Dune
Mythago Wood
That Hideous Strength
The Andromeda Strain

What are some books on your shelf that you have to read?

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