On Moving to Koreatown

We moved from the West Side to Koreatown this month.

On our way out, we made a list of the things that we wanted to do before we left the old neighborhood.

Some things that we accomplished: Dress up and go see the Rocky Horror Picture Show at the Nuart Theatre; Have date night and go bar hopping; Get neighborhood specific artwork from Giant Robot.

Some things we didn’t accomplish: Eat dinner on porch with the lights on; Make a yearbook of our year in the old apartment (though we can still do this one).

I like to think of our new place as being just a bit more Bohemian. The old neighborhood was nice, clean, and relatively quiet. The new neighborhood is fine, somewhat grungy, and much louder. Whereas the old building was plagued by a constant slew of construction in the neighboring apartments, our new building is plagued by banshees. (And by banshees, I mean people who scream long and loud at the top of their lungs, sometimes trying to hit notes, and other times just for the sake of making noise. As I’m writing this at 8:14 a.m., there’s someone moaning up and down the scales like a post-pubescent choir boy failing to transition to Gregorian chanting.)

We exchanged a view of the Getty Center in the nearby foothills, for the Hollywood sign and the Griffith Observatory. We swapped out the Expo Line for the Purple Line. But we still have good grocery stores in walking distance, and plenty of fun spots for nightlife. And, importantly, we have a good YMCA that’s just a few blocks away.

It’ll be fun to see what life has in store over here.

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