Keeping On

On Monday, I finished the story and outline for the sixth issue of the graphic novel I was working on. I plan on it being 12 issues in total, split down the middle into two acts. Each act will have 6 issues.

Now I’m going to stash the finished work in my vault for a few weeks and let the story idea mellow. Later on, I’ll come at it with fresh eyes.

On Tuesday, I started work on my desert fantasy novel. I’ve been told that I need to come up with a name for it, as that doesn’t really roll off the tongue. I agree with it, but as long as I’ve been working on it, no proper name has come.

So far I’ve been able to meet my daily writing goals. My hope is to create momentum and keep it rolling through the next eight weeks or so. I can’t look too far ahead into the future on the goals. Just need to meet tomorrow’s goal.

With that said, I’ve been able to stay on track to the outline that I wrote a few months ago. A few minor modifications have been made, but I am adjusting the whole outline as I make any, so that way I don’t manage to break the story again. Fifth times the charm. =D

This coming Monday, I start work in my new position with the City of Los Angeles Animal Control. I’m very excited to make this transition. It’ll be good to get back to working with animals, like I did before moving up to Los Angeles.

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