Stray Football Thoughts

Football season has been back a couple of weeks, and I’ve already resigned myself to a season of likely disappointment.

The Bruins played again on Saturday, and except for a couple of special plays, it was a mess. I had my expectations tempered for UCLA’s highly-touted first season under Chip Kelly, but I don’t think I was ready for 0-3 going into conference play. At least when Rick Neuheisel declared that “the monopoly is over” 10 years ago he had a win against an SEC to start his tenure. 

Chances of UCLA going bowling have got to be damn near 0%. Wonder what Vegas has on that?

Hard to fault a bunch of kids pretty freshly out of high school who are playing the big game on the big stage. They’ll probably get the wiggles out. Wonder if UCLA shows up against Oregon up in Eugene.

Oh well.

At least the Chargers won today despite taking a nap for the second half of the game. Gotta be tough to be a Bills fan when you outscore your opponent 17-3 over a 31-minute span and you still lose by double digits. 

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