Cam & Max

I’ve got a confession to make: I have become that person who I have judged. 

I’ve become the nanny cam voyeur. 

Since adopting Max, the Red Cocker Spaniel, my iPad has been turned into a pet monitor. I have it set up in the living room, and when I’m out of the house it buzzes my phone when there’s a motion alert or a sound alert. 

Often times when I tune in it’s hammering or thumping coming from the constrcution going on upstairs. 

Sometimes it’s Max running around or barking. Fortunately, he’s been barking anxiously a lot less of over time. Over the first few days when I would leave him alone, he’d bark and he’d howl for a little while. But now he’s really begun to make an adjustment. 

On recent alerts, I’ve seen him playing with his toys and staring out the window. But mostly I’ve seen him sleeping on the couch or in Annie’s chair. 

And I’m sure that soon I’ll stop keeping track. I’ll turn off the monitor and trust things to be fine. But having the technology it’s so tempting to use it. 

At the very least I think I’ve gained a bit of insight into why some parents watch live feed of their children’s daycare. 

And maybe I’ll be less likely to judge someone without walking in their shoes in some small way. 

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